GRC Advisory career

We are a dynamically developing team offering consultancy and auditing services in the GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) field. We carry out interesting projects using the knowledge of the way business processes are executed in companies using ERP systems, especially SAP. Our customers are major players in many different industries.

Our Company is the right place for people who want to develop and expand their competence, and show at the same time their commitment and initiative in performed tasks. We offer diverse forms of cooperation and professional development opportunities for people with different amount of experience.

If you are interested in working for our Company, see Job offers.

Career Path

We have an individual approach to the career path of each of our employees, taking into account their personality and ambitions, and evaluating at the same time the degree of the employee's self-reliance and his/her efficiency in performing project tasks.

  • Trainee

    We offer this position to senior college students interested in getting deeper knowledge of ERP systems and business processes carried out in companies. The internship enables to use and develop competence gained at college. A trainee has an opportunity to learn the specifics of a consulting company operating in the GRC field.
  • Junior Consultant

    We offer this position to graduates or people with little experience in the industry. A person employed at this position takes part in project execution and receives single project tasks to perform to gain more experience enabling him/her to perform more complex and responsible tasks in future projects.
  • Consultant

    A person having sufficient knowledge, experience and self-reliance in performing tasks has a chance to become a Consultant. We offer this position to people with a few years of experience. A consultant is responsible for a specific part of a project and reports directly to a senior consultant.
  • Senior Consultant

    A person employed at this position manages independently a given aspect of a project, and coordinates and supervises the work of a project team at all stages of a project. This person reports directly to a project manager and is also the contact and front-end for our customer.
  • Project Manager

    A person at this position manages projects, negotiates with customers and schedules the work of the whole team.