The update of acts related to the personal data protection has driven a plenty of changes for entrepreneurs in whole Europe Union. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are obligated to correctly collect and process personal data.

GRC Advisory offer a range of services that will help to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements:

  • Training regarding GDPR requirements (also including legal aspects)
  • Dedicated workshops for the IT team in the field of personal data protection and GDPR requirements
  • Workshops to determine required activities and to develop a schedule for their implementation

Audit of GDPR compliance

Audit helps you to determine to what extent implemented processes related to personal data protection meet the requirements imposed by GDPR act. Audit allows you to obtain external, independent view on vulnerabilities and possible threats associated with them. Proposed and implemented remedial processes will improve the security of stored personal data.


  • Indicates vulnerabilities and potential threats
  • Proposes and implements remedial processes
  • Creates detailed schedule (roadmap) in accordance with the strategic plan of enterprise


In many enterprises, implementation of changes related to new regulations brings about the need to reconstruct or introduce from scratch appropriate solutions in IT systems. GRC Advisory offers dedicated solutions which can be adapted to the company’s organizational structure to support on-going compliance.

For SAP system environments:

All environments - RSA solutions: