SAP Business Integrity Screening

Errors, waste, and abuse can lead to losses that compromise profitability. Dealing with questionable business partners can jeopardize your business. Traditional methods to discover suspicious transactions and screen partners can be costly yet ineffective.

To preserve business integrity, you must be ready to detect anomalous transactions early enough to stop them. Your organization must keep pace with ever-changing patterns of anomalous transactions. It must screen business partners against lists published by government and international organizations, as well as private content providers, to avoid interaction with high-risk or sanctioned parties.

One of the solutions that allows this type of action is SAP Business Integrity Screening (formerly known as SAP Fraud Management). Thanks to usage of the SAP HANA platform and advanced software for Big Data analysis, the software offers real-time detection and prevention features that help your investigators prevent anomalous activity as early as possible to reduce losses and protect revenue. The application supported by SAP HANA can analyze huge amounts of data in real time, which increases the speed of identification of exceptions and frauds. As a result, employees can Focus on the improvement of violation detection strategies.

SAP Business Integrity Screening:

  • Real-time early warning tool to identify and stop anomalous transactions early with powerful calibration and simulation features
  • Enhanced financial protection
  • Higher productivity of your investigation team thanks to fewer false positives
  • Integration with other SAP governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions to provide a thorough compliance approach e.g. SAP Process Control
  • Reducing risk through key performance indicators and predictive analyzes allowing adaptation to new suspicious patterns