SAP Read Access Logging

Due to legal issues (GDPR), access to sensitive data in system e.g. financial or payroll data should be subject to special security mechanisms. It is particularly important to determine who and when had access to selected types of data as well as verification, whether user access privileges are matched with his actual scope of duties.

The Read Access Logging (RAL) application allows you to monitor this type of activity and is available as standard for all SAP systems operating on SAP NetWeaver 7.4 platforms (lower versions may require system upgrade to the appropriate Support Pack).

Read Access Logging supports the following channels:

  • Remote Function Calls RFC (sRFC, aRFC, tRFC, qRFC, bgFRC)
  • Dynpro
  • Web Dynpro
  • Web service calls

The scope of monitored data might be tailored to individual organizations needs and legal security requirements e.g. GDPR.

Read Access Logging (RAL) allows you to track data access:
  • Who had access to the data
  • Which data was accessed
  • When was the data accessed
  • How was the data accessed (transaction or user interface)

Read Access Logging (RAL):

  • Monitoring and logging user access to confidential and sensitive data
  • Automatic notification mechanism for access to selected data types
  • Detection of illegitimate access to sensitive / confidential data
  • Ability to create action rules depending on data types and access methods
  • Reporting regarding to access to sensitive / personal data
  • Comply with legal requirements related to General Data Protection Regulation