Snow Optimizer for SAP

Due to the high costs of licensing access to systems, purchasing and license management is important financial process which could generate measurable savings in enterprises. SAP licensing is complex, and a lack of insight into SAP licensing can result in significant financial and legal liabilities and paying for assets that are not even utilized.
Snow Optimizer for SAP Software, an SAP-certified add-on, provides an end-to-end solution for SAP discovery, metering, compliance, optimization, and license retirement and recycling.
Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software is a comprehensive, proven, license compliance and software license optimization solution that enables organization to maintain license compliance to reduce audit costs and risks. Application provides also various analyses which identify and isolate named SAP users that are obsolete, duplicate or wrongly assigned.
Business Benefits

  • Risk and cost control - by monitoring unusual behavioral patterns, the Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software can detect unlicensed and non-compliant users that are accessing the SAP system. This enables companies to make proactive remediation and avoid potentially large contract renewal cost
  • Ongoing yearly costs - Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software ensures that you know more about your SAP systems than anyone else, giving you the information you need to optimize your SAP systems and have the upper hand in contract negotiations and audits
  • Audit & compliance - by properly fitting the SAP license type to each user periodically throughout the year based on actual historic behavior over a set period (e.g. 12 months), the enterprise can assure compliance for its upcoming SAP audit and cost optimization)
  • New procurement costs - Snow Optimizer for SAP® can potentially save significant amounts of forward spending by more efficiently using the licenses they have already purchased)
With Snow Optimizer for SAP software you can:

  • Obtain consolidated usage data across all sap systems (increase visibility over the entire SAP estate and enhance system security)
  • Automate sap user license administration (automate user-license classification and increase value from existing SAP license)
  • Proactively monitor licensing with automated warnings (improve efficiencies in managing the SAP environment and pinpoint compliance issues that would otherwise remain unidentified until audit)
  • Automate retirement and recycling of licenses (automate license withdrawal of employees exiting the organization)
  • Contain HANA license costs (contain and budget for HANA costs and accurately monitor HANA resource utilization)
  • Automate system measurement (reduce effort to prepare license audit documents e.g License Administration Workbench and risk of data errors produced from manual data consolidation)
  • Ensure stronger ROI and negotiating position (ensure strong negotiation position and allow for avoidance of very significant costs relative to overall IT budget)
  • Reduce the risk of indirect usage in all SAP systems both with RFC and HTTP connections,
  • Ability to optimize the use of the license by "what if" mechanisms that allows analysis of various license scenarios.
According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management Tools report, published in April 2018, Snow Software (provider of Snow Optimizer for SAP) was placed in a Leaders Quadrant, based on completeness of their vision and ability to execute.