GRC Solutions

Delivery and implementation of leading GRC software (SAP GRC, RSA Archer, smartGRC). Successfully completed numerous implementation projects for polish and international companies. We also provide advisory and training in GRC, risk management, access control and BCP.

SAP Security & License

Design i re-design of SAP role concept, based on our prioprietary business role catalogue, with strong emphasis on SoD and GDPR. Implementation of dedicated SAP license management tools
(SnowSoftware). Dedicated trainings and outsourcing model for support.

Segregation of Duties / SoD

We conduct workshops with business representatives to identify SoD risks, preparation of SoD matrices. Implementation of dedicated supporting software for access management and SoD
(SAP GRC Access Control, smartSoD). Providing SoD analysis in SaaS model.

GDPR Compliance Support

Dedicated training regarding GDPR for business and IT/Security departments. Implementation of supporting tools for SAP systems (SAP ILM), process and repository management
(RSA Archer Data Governanace, Privacy Program).

Discover our products

:: smartSoD

smartSoD is one of the most advanced and innovative solution dedicated to perform preventive simulations and periodic privilege audits from the sensitive transactions access and SoD conflicts analysis perspective. Due to dedicated mechanisms built in the application, the SoD conflicts analysis works in the business activity layer and is used to interpret the conflicts in all critical IT systems of a company via interface mechanisms (called connectors).


:: smartWorkFlow

smartWorkFlow module supports managing user access process in systems and other business applications. With the help of this tool your company can automate process of assigning and removing access to business systems. The key advantage is the ability to collect information about the SoD risks connected with the implementation of a specific user request. Thanks to SoD risk analysis business owners can make more efficient, accurate and better controlled user access decisions regarding accepted permissions.


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