SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

Increase of cyberattacks expose organization to threats of data loss. SAP Enterprise Threat Detection allows you to protect connected business systems thanks to reliable cybersecurity monitoring. Identify, analyze, and neutralize real cyberattacks as they are arise and before serious damage occurs. The SAP Enterprise Threat Detection application enables real-time security intelligence (RTSI) to help effectively manage your systems’ vulnerability to external and internal cybersecurity threats and help ensure data loss prevention (DLP).

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection:

  • Deliver powerful and flexible cybersecurity monitoring solution with detection and response capabilities
  • Provides alerts in time to effectively neutralize danger for your business-critical assets and to prevent critical damage to your business
  • Identify security lapses in application landscape readily and efficiently with the real-time data processing combination of smart data streaming services (SDS) and the SAP HANA platform
  • Builds confidence in overall cybersecurity solution strategy and helps ensure systemwide security compliance
  • Consolidate and process large amounts of events with the SAP HANA platform to gain insight at unprecedented speed